A Distributor Website with 8 Factories and 7,500 Part Numbers
This site is all about content.  We nabbed all the content from the factories to define roughly 600 product families totalling around 7,500 total part numbers.  Spun the content, created branded pdfs (take off all factory brand and contacts), and split it seven ways to Sunday.

Visitors can browse by Factory Name, Product Type, Package Type, Application and input / output voltage.  End result is around 1500 different ways way splice the product offering.  Factory Names, Part numbers and product types are all optimized for increased rank on all the search engines.

This client keeps me under contract to provide ongoing service and content management.
Home Page with endless possibilities to navigate to desired areas.  Note that we designed their 376 page catalog as well.
Category Landing Page (a mini-home page if you will to support AdWord / Advertising campaigns.  Rotating banner image rolls through the 6 displayed sub-categories.  GOOLE'S TOP 5 'FOR MEDICAL POWER SUPPLIES'.
On the top of every page is a drop-down QUICK LINKS tab which enables even greater options to splice and dice the customers content.
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