Web Design & DevelopmentThe Eight Critical Areas of Web Development:

We like to use the analogy of an 8-piston engine, if any one piston is not firing, then the performance will suffer. Here are the 8 pistons we recommend our clients understand properly.

  1. Content - An abundance of unique and clear content that offers value to the visitor
  2. Organization - Information and navigation must be quick and intuitive
  3. Graphic Design - The site must provide the best “first impression” possible
  4. Programming - Minimum expected functions like a contact form, search, sitemap, etc. . .
  5. Analysis - Read and understand the stats on your website to make informed decisions
  6. Conversion - Best practices possible that turn visitors into customers
  7. Search Engine Optimization - Page 1 on Google or bust
  8. Social Media - Establishing and maintaining an audience in Social Media

Do you need all 8 pistons? Your business may do just fine on a 4-piston engine versus a more powerful design. Regardless, you should know what you are buying, and be able to add more later if required. Our job is to educate our clients so they understand what they are buying and how to qualify whether it was done properly.

Download our Well-Rounded Web Design document.