Our client is a Master Distributor for dozens of brands and must maintain product details on thousands of products that are sold through a network of retailers across the United States. Their Master distributor website allows the management of multiple product images, product families and unlimited variants, short descriptions, long descriptions, specifications tables, videos, documents and much more.

To make this even more challenging, our client is also directly responsible for marketing a subset of these brands with their own branded websites and content. Our system allows syncing all of their product data down to each sub-site, while allowing complete customization of the template and their own set of static pages (home page, about us, mission, history, etc. . .) . So the client maintains product content from one site to drive almost a dozen others.

Too many other features are integrated into the Master Distributor site to list here, some include: Sync'd inventory levels from their MRP system; price importing; new, featured and discounted products; multiple warehousing locations; dealer locator map; and contact is for more information.

The site was built using the open-source Joomla Content Management System (CMS) platform with the product library and e-commerce functions controlled by the Sellacious E-Commerce tool. The site is blazing fast as the e-commerce platform makes use of flat databases that are cached for optimal performance. The CMS platform allows integration of more than 10,000 available plugins for unlimited ongoing development needs.