A 3-Page Design for a Consultant
and it auto-populates content from RSS Feeds
A consultant friend needed a website if for no other reason to prove he existed to potential customers.   He emailed me his mission statement and went on vacation.  When he returned I had this up. 

I found an image that spoke to his audience, which are people who like to see lots of boxes shipping out of their warehouses (factories and distributors);  Wrote a one-paragraph summary of his services;  and Embedded links to his LinkedIn and Facebook profiles (he is selling himself as an individual, so adding these personalizations are cool). 

To the left, i embedded an RSS Feed of news from a trsued industry source that is focused on factories and distributors.  Then I gave him a mission statement page and a contact form.

At a glance, he appears as a well established resource with a very specific message.
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