Web Site Design for Semiconducor Company
Digital DC-DC Controller IC
This site is designed and optimized to rank very highly for it's keywords.  This website is targeting the designing engineer who needs a controller to generate tightly regulated dc-voltages for individual circuits on a pcb.  For that reason, it has very minimal design elements and a lot of content.

See it live at http://www.powervation.com

Customer really like the accordion menus on the left and right side of the pages which are navigations to the technology on the left and the products offered on the right.   A customer login controls access to engineering documentation to support sales and / applications support processes.

This customer had minimal time to invest into the project, so they gave us their power point presentations and product documentation.  From there, we understooadwhat it is they are making, who their end customer is and what we should say to generate the most interest.  In short, the customer had less than 2 revision meetings before the site went live as it is currently published.

Lots of Engineering content, displayed cleanly and concisely, targeted to the designing engineer.
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