Engineering Website Optimized for the Search Engines
for Pearson Electronics
Pearson Electronics manufactures High-Voltage Current Probes.  Their previous website was a conglomeration of plain html pages created by their internal staff over the last 10-15 years.  We re-organized all the content and established an intuitive navigation path to some pretty extensive content in the form of product datasheets, drawings, white papers and app notes.

Some cool features are:  a "Find Datasheets" drop down menu for directly linking to pdf documents;  Images built-in to the drop-down menus display products, applications, etc. . . ;   designed for minimal maintenance and knowledge to add new content.
Engineering Product Selection guides with all primary content fitting within one-screen / page.
Main Menu Drop-Downs have images built-in to simplify content selection.
Ranks #1 and #2 on Google For their primary key-word, Wide Band Current Transformers
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