Lineage Power Website - It ranks high now
Lineage Power is what was once Bell Labs, AT&T, Tyco, Lineage and now just recently GE Energy.  So this is a big company with a lot of history, products supported and division heads.  Their previous site was built in-house, and needed the lif-support of an ex employee to implement any changes.  It's ranking on the search engines was minimal at best, typical positions were in the 50~70th for their ideal keywords.

As an ex-engineer, I knew their products and their engineering market.  I re-roganized their content into attractive engineering selection guides and built uin function to handle:  Support requests; sample requests; distributor inventory; buy now; search functions, etc, . . .

The end result is a user-friendly website for engineers that ranks highly on all the search engines for their key terms.  We used similar design elements in their print brochure for increased brand impact.
Home Page with Flash Animation; clear path to the 3 primary product categories, AC-DC / Isolated DC-DC / Non-Isolated DC-DC (3 power divisions in the company).
Each Product Category had a flash animation, related products, supporting documents and easy selection guide.  A a pop-up is eanbled for each product to disply more details, without cluttering up a minimlaiist design.
Tons of engineering content with direct links to detailed specs, buy now and sample requests.
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